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Agriculture Internet Users Association



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List Serve Is Main Feature of the Association, Open To All To Freely
Exchange Ideas
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The AIUA was designed to help the exchange of information for Internet
Users in the Agriculture Community. The Associations major feature is
the AIUA List Serve were people working and interested in the
Agriculture Industry can freely exchange ideas and information with one
What is a List Serve?
List Serve refers both to a mailing service for discussion
groups/electronic conferences and the discussion groups (or lists)
themselves. You must formally subscribe to a List Serve. Messages are
then sent directly to your e-mail account where you can read, delete or
save them.
An active discussion list can result in numerous messages everyday so be
sure to check your e-mail account regularly, delete unwanted messages.
List Serve Addresses Each list has two addresses; the List Serve host
address ( and the listname address (
The List Serve host is used for subscribing and unsubscribing to the
discussion list. The list name address is used for sending messages to
the discussion list. List Serve host addresses are easily recognizable
because they begin with the name "List Serve". Subscription to a list is
done to the List Serve program on the host computer, as shown below.
Sending Messages to the List
To participate in a discussion group, you can either reply to all the
subscribers on a list, reply to the individual originating the message,
or compose a new message and send it to the listname address A List
Serve is a way to bring people with similar interests together for a
free exchange of ideas and information.
When you subscribe to a list, all mail sent to that list is then
forwarded to all users subscribed to that list. In this way, questions
you have can be sent out to the list, then if someone has an answer they
can then send it back to the list.
More Information is below, and a list of commands that can be sent to can be found at the bottom. If you still have
questions or would like more information feel to contact at

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